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for a Happier & Healthier Tomorrow

Pearl Pharmaceuticals is one of the Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Marketing Company of Pakistan specializing in the development of wide range of Pharmaceutical Products.

  1. Pearl Pharmaceuticals excels in production of the following pharmaceutical category.

  1. Ο   Tablets (General)
  2. Ο   Tablets (Antibiotic)
  3. Ο   Liquid Syrups / Suspensions
  4. Ο   Capsules (General)
  5. Ο   Capsules (Cephalosporin)
  6. Ο   Dry Powder Injectables (Cephalosporin)
  7. Ο   Dry Powder Suspensions (Cephalosporin)
  8. Ο   Dry Powder Suspensions (General)
  9. Ο   Creams / Ointments / Gels (General)
  10. Ο   Creams / Ointments / Gels (Steroids)
  11. O   Lotions (General/ Steriods)
  12. O   Infusions SVP (General)
  13. O   Dry Powder Injectables (General)
  14. O   Ampoules (General)